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Bela / 20

I'm a fanartist with often-changing interests. My upbringing on Pokemon has me perpetually fascinated with enemy and boss design in video games, so that's probably all of what you'll see. I can rend metal with my bare hands and I cannot be stopped by brick walls. I hate art.

These are my favorite characters from various IPs. My favorite design philosophies come from SSB and Opoona.

While most of these are singular figures, my favorite enemy design of all time is the Gamyga from Brawl. I am so sorry for making you look at it. I could give an explanation, but there's no point.

Other notable

Peridot (Pre-season 2 only)Shiki-OujiHole PunchKing OllySahaquielVel'KozNeon J.HackerDr. Touch


SSB: PrimidsGamygaShaydasShellpodsBorboras
Opoona: PuchilasSqueezersKiller ScreensTorch MenBox Plants
Rain World: Daddy Long LegsGuardiansOverseers
Undertale/Deltarune: AddisonsIce CapsAmbyu-Lances


Mysterious: Screams